EUNICE International Internship Portal

This web portal is aimed to provide the students (undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate) from all the Universities of the EUNICE Alliance cross-sectoral and cross-disciplinary/multidisciplinary internships by taking advantage of the similarities and diversity of the EUNICE partner universities. Another target are high school student, for introducing them to the context of academy-business cooperation, prompting their interests for their enrolment at the HEIs, at the local and network-wide level, under the strategic view of the European Universities.

Opportunities for:

  • joint transnational internship coordinated at the network-level, which will promote multicultural, multilingual work experience
  • for students: to apply their knowledge acquired during lectures, in companies located in Europe
  • for entrepreneurs: a tool/showcase to invest in future specialist/employees



All the internships mobilities will be regulated under the Erasmus+ traineeship programme and/or local mobility programmes at each EUNICE partner University. For the implementation of the mobility, the trainees are encouraged to contact the Erasmus offices at their Universities.